Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Generation We -- wow!

I think this video speaks for itself.


Anonymous said...

Call me a stick in the mud, but... Wow, what ageism!!! Who is this Generation We supposed to be? I see a very wide range of ages, most (if not all) of whom are younger than me. But I'm by no stretch of the imagination anything remotely close to being a Baby Boomer. Where did I, and the people up to 10 years older and 2 years younger than me, go in this discussion? Once again, the Boomers get the blame, and the Xers get lost in the cracks.

Not to mention the basic self-centeredness that comes from a generation talking about it being the most important one. That's what led the the Boomers to become what they are today. I, for one, do not want to see another Boomer generation. Read the web site, it says "their huge numbers...are already changing america" -- should yet another generation have increased power, simply by virtue of its size?

All told, I think we have enough divisions in the U.S. not to have to start inventing new ones.


P.S. if any generation should be trusted in this economic crisis, it should be the Xers, who came of age in the recession of the early 90's. :-j

b2ix said...

wow, thanks Joel. I understand what you're saying about concern of another boomer generation. Suffice it to say though, there is change a foot, and younger participants are going to be a major factor.

In terms of where we fit in, I think "our generation"--however it's define--plays a unique role in bridging demographics, communities and more to focus on the bigger issues facing us all