Sunday, February 17, 2008

style over substance? you bet

There's been a lot of criticism of Obama lately for just giving speeches rather than solving problems. I think this line of criticism is off the mark.

Maybe it's because I am the product of a liberal arts education. Or maybe it's because I've been in the tech industry for close to ten years. Regardless of the reasoning, I personally don't put much stock in any given solution, if there even is such a thing.

Instead, when it comes to matters of hiring, elections or the like I want to know who can effectively solve the problem in the best manner (assuming folks are qualified for it, which is the case in this election cycle). After seeing Clinton and Obama speak in person, and watching the debates, it is clear to me that Clinton represents a top down, solution-driven approach. Her use of "I have a plan" and the like is rather telling imo. Contrast that with Obama's "Yes, we can." (emphasis added). It's no longer about him and just his ideas but what we all can do together at the table. He may not have all the answers, and frankly, I think that is a good thing. In this uncertain, rapidly changing world, the best laid plans can get wiped out in an instant -- you need to adapt effectively to get anywhere.